Calling all PEN PALS!

Here’s a recent letter I got from Jessica in Wisconsin who met her Australian pen pal Kate through my series Pen Pals. It made me so excited. Here’s a copy of Jessica’s letter and a picture of her and Kate.

Dear Ms. Dennis Wyeth – I wanted to share with you that back in 1991, I loved your Pen Pal books, and through your books received a pen pal of my own. She was a fellow 10 year old girl from Australia named Kate (which was so exciting for a girl from Wisconsin!!). We have been Pen Pals for 28 years, and we finally met in-person for the first time last week. Because of you, we have a lifelong friendship from opposite sides of the globe, and being able to finally meet her was one of the most exciting things to happen to me. I thought I would share. 🙂



Pen pals forever! since 1991!

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