Something Beautiful, our essential workers, our families and friends!

Dear Readers,

Many of us have had to postpone events we looked forward to. Many of us miss our friends, our schools and our teachers. Many of us have questions about the corona virus that has made so many of our fellow citizens sick, has made so very many people throughout the world sick. It’s a hard time for all! Because of the quarantine, I had to postpone a birthday celebration for my book Something Beautiful. I had planned to meet students at my town’s library, read the book to the audience and hand out party favors. I had already filled the goody bags and ordered the cupcakes. But that event had to be canceled. I was unable to participate in a poetry reading where I was to read my poems, something I don’t get to do very often and a real honor for me. I also had to miss the thrill of judging a poetry contest for younger poets. I have had to miss so many of my favorite things to do–the dance classes I take and my singing lesson, going to the movies and having friends to my house. But when I think about the many people in the world who have been affected by the virus and the many people who have had their work interrupted and the many people who are helping all of us to get through this tough time, my personal disappointments seem not to matter much at all and  I am doing my best to adapt. I’ve found other ways to spend my time, reading and planting a vegetable garden. But even during these pleasurable activities,my thoughts go to the people who are keeping us safe and helping us hold our lives together. Let us send thanks to our first responders who work in hospitals and the police and fire department, and the workers who keep our towns clean by removing our rubbish and the men and women who work in the Post Office and keep delivering our letters and the many people who are delivering packages and working in the grocery stores. And, for you, I’m sure, some of the main people you’re probably thanking are your teachers and principals who continue to teach and plan your education in the best ways they know how! And, of course, we say ‘thank you’ to our own families who care for us and who are adapting to this time right in their own ways. When you come to think of it, there are an awful lot of people working hard to make this time easier and to help us get through it. When I close my eyes and think of that, I feel like I’m surrounded by a big circle of love! The people who are helping us get through this hard time, family, essential workers, teachers and friends are truly, truly something beautiful! Giving to others, caring for others is the most beautiful act of all. Please write to me at the address on this website. I would like to know how you’re spending your time and how you’re doing. Meanwhile, take care! of yourself and those you love!

Your Author,

Sharon Dennis Wyeth


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