Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Author. Poet. Memoirist.


My latest book is having its BOOK BIRTHDAY! This non-fiction Step Into Reading book, published by Random House, wasn’t just labor, but a labor of love, dedicated to one of my own enslaved ancestors, Minerva Bell Lewis. Historically accurate and nuanced illustrations by Kim Holt tell a complete story on their own. The contemporary portion of the book is full of joy! Thank you, Random House for inviting me to write about this symbolic historic event. JUNETEENTH! Now a federal holiday! Celebrating equality and “freedom for all!” NOW AN AUDIO BOOK!

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Interview FoxNewsDC Evette: The River and Me author Sharon Dennis Wyeth (

Evette: The River and Me author Sharon Dennis Wyeth ( ‎Edit

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Smithsonian Magazine and Evette: The River and Me

As a child born in Washington, D.C., one of my favorite places to visit was the Smithsonian. At the Smithsonian, I was granted access to knowledge and culture! I’m especially honored by Katrina Lashley’s article in an upcoming issue of Smithsonian Magazine featuring  EVETTE: THE RIVER AND ME, the story of WORLD BY US American Girl doll Evette Peeters. Evette is a burgeoning environmentalist who finds a calling on the Anacostia River, the river of my own childhood.



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Sharon has a new book, The River and Me. Learn more at American Girl about Evette and her passion for nature!