Author Visit Information

Author Visits

A standard one-day Author Visit includes three presentations, forty-five minutes in length. Each forty-five minute presentation includes the following:

  • A Reading by Ms. Wyeth from one of her books.
  • Q. & A. with students.
  • A Description of The Writing Process: where story ideas come from, the importance of revision and the role of research.
  • A Book Signing. (Ms. Wyeth can provide details regarding pre-ordering books)

HONORARIUM: $2000 per Day, plus Transportation and Lodging.

Day Two Add-on Student Writing Workshops: $500. (only available as an add-on)

All fees are negotiable.

Family Story Circles

Ms. Wyeth is committed to partnering with educators. In addition to Author Visits, she offers Family Story Circles. During these events, which are usually scheduled in the evening, the author shares her work with caregivers and children while emphasizing the enrichment to be gained when families share their own stories through oral communication, reading and writing.

After her opening presentation, Ms. Wyeth invites caregivers and children to form story circles, either in pairs or with other families in attendance. In the Story Circle, caregivers share an experience from their own childhoods. In another variation of this exercise, the child can take on the role of storyteller, recounting one of her own memorable experiences.

Following the story-telling portion, caregivers and children break up into pairs or small groups and begin to write down the story they’ve just heard in blank journals provided to them for this purpose. During the writing phase the student takes the initiative while the caregiver provides support. The author and educator coordinator observe this process offering assistance when required. At the end of the evening, student volunteers are called upon to read what they have written. Both the story-telling portion and story-writing portion are timed. The entire event, including the author’s presentation, lasts approximately one hour and thirty minutes. Ms. Wyeth’s picture books “The Granddaughter Necklace” (which contains her own family’s stories) and “Something Beautiful” (which depicts a child’s search for beauty in her own neighborhood) provide excellent themes. Family Story Circles are often accompanied by supper and book gifts provided by the school. These events are customized with the input of the school coordinator. Fees for Family Story Circles are negotiable.


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