Sharon Dennis Wyeth

A Letter of Thanks from a Marvelous Educator

I had a wonderful time visiting William B. Cruise Memorial School No. 11 for Read Across America.  As a special treat third graders were allowed to wear their pajamas to the assembly.  I only wish I’d worn mine!

Dear Sharon Dennis Wyeth,

Your visit to our school was a testament to the integrity and passion that you have instilled in your books. We were in awe of your ability to engage all of the students and inspire them to find their own connections within literature. The students have spoken of nothing but your visit and your exquisite books. We couldn’t boast enough about your ability to capture the audience and keep the students wanting more. I remember eight years ago when I received Something Beautiful as a gift; it now remains a permanent fixture in my library and a class favorite, as each one of us within this community can relate to its story. We still use this book to introduce various concepts in multiple content areas.

Recently, we introduced your new book, The Granddaughter Necklace, and it came as no surprise when our students were once again taken in by the perplexity and beauty of the message along with its historical relevance and vivid illustrations. We are glad to say that we are in the process of making these books available in each class’s library for our students’ and teachers’ use. Thank you so much for giving our students something to look up to and strive toward!


Ambar Vargas
Elementary School Teacher
William B. Cruise Memorial School No. 11

P.S. For Women’s History Month, we celebrated you! Attached are photos of just a couple of the bulletin boards that were created as a result of your visit, as well as a copy of our school’s most recent newsletter, which proudly features your visit. We are also mailing you some letters that our students wanted to write to you.

Ambar Vargas
“As educators, we must accept moral responsibility for improving instruction in order to improve student achievement”- Glickman
-Teaching is not just a gift; It’s a calling!

Sharon has a new book, The River and Me. Learn more at American Girl about Evette and her passion for nature!