Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Encouraging One Another

Most of us belong to a number of communities: a community of friends, the community of our school or town, a religious or cultural community, a community of shared interests. I’m sure we could add to the list. As a writer, I value being the member of a community of people who believe in the power of  reading and writing. Though I’m no longer in school, I learn something new everyday, through conversations at the schools I visit and especially through reading books and articles. I’m also grateful for the encouragement of my editor (see the photo below)  and fellow writers.  I enjoyed reading a review  of “The Granddaughter Necklace” written by writer Brian Rock and a blog post written by Counselor and Character Coach Barbara Gruener. It was also helpful to hear their impressions of my work. The article Barbara wrote  contains a useful link to a source on genealogy! Click the links below to read Brian’s review and Barbara’s blog post. In the encouragement department, I also owe a debt of thanks to my local independent book store who hosted a signing for me this spring.


With Editor Arthur A. Levine at Watchung Booksellers

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