Sharon Dennis Wyeth

My New Book!

When I first laid eyes on the cover of “The Granddaughter Necklace,” I began to cry, not just because the cover is so beautiful. The woman on the front of the book looks like my grandmother Mildred. This came as a total surprise.

Thank you, Bagram Ibatoulline, for your extraordinary illustrations. Each is a portrait not only of people but a portrait of history. Each painting radiates love.

“Though classified as fiction, the book is clearly a personal journey, capturing individual moments that connect a family of women over the years, enlivened with images of grace, depth, and emotion.”

“Wyeth’s story…feeds a sense of connectivity and belonging through the generations.”

“Although the profiles are brief, they are rich, incorporating a range of life experiences and, quite wonderfully, the blending of different ethnicities within the family. Ibatoulline’s lovely, detailed illustrations have a warm glow…”

I can’t wait!

Sharon has a new book, The River and Me. Learn more at American Girl about Evette and her passion for nature!